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News Topic Summaries, with sources
US Elections, 3 Nov 2020
Different Views:
Conserv. view: Much fraud, due to mail-in ballot,  if the closest states went the other way => DJT won. (Ref: Gl, Navarro).

(73% Rep voters believe ‘widespread fraud in 2020 election’).     

Dem.response: No serious fraud, claims are incorrect.(Ref: NYT,CNN)


System & Official Results:
50 states, plus Fed District Washingtn DC (not in a State), allocated electoral college members.

538 ECVots in total (100 senators, 435 representativs, +3 WDC votes)

Therefore 270 (>half) ECVotes to win Pres. Electoral College vote.

2020 closest states (Elect.Coll.Vote) (Rep./Dem.%) (Margin/Totl votes)

Arizona(11)   49.1 / 49.4.  (10,457 /3.39m) (0.3%)                     

Georgia(16)   49.2 / 49.2, (11,779  /5.00m) (0.2%)                     

Wisconsin(10)   48.8 / 49.5(10), (20,738 /3.28m) (0.6%)            

Nevada(6)   48 / 50, (33,596 /1.39m) (2.4%)

Pennsylvnia(20) 48.8 / 50.0,(81,660 /6.92m) (1.3%)

Michigan(16)   47.8 / 50.6, (154,188 /5.51m) (2.8%) 

NorthCarolina(15)   49.9 / 48.6 (74,481 /5.49m) (1.4%)

[Florida(29)   51.2 / 47.9  (371,686  /11.04m)]

Elect.Coll Votes excluding 5 closest states: Biden:243, Trump:232.

Elect.Coll Votes if Trump takes 4 closest states (<34,000 margin):  Biden:263,  Trump:275.

Elect.Coll Votes if Trump takes 5 closest states (incl. PA): 

Biden:243, Trump:295.

Conclusion: Official results were very close - tiny margins key states


2020 early voting (early poll station + mail-in) was over 100/158m. 

Mail-in voting 66m in 2020, compared to 33m 2016, <30m 2012

Mail-in ballot demographics: Dem 58% : Rep 32%   

1,100+ Previous elections fraud convictions samples from Heritage Foundation

100 legal cases (66 concluded, 7 wins for DJT) relating to 2020 elections.  Dismissals almost entirely on standing/time, not merits,_2020

The Fraud Challenge:

Navarro Report summarisg multiple irregularty claims (Sumry Tble):

US Russia Collusion Story

2016 US Pres Elections.
ClintnCampgn/DNC paid Christopher Steele (through Perkins Coie lawyers (Mark Elias/Michael Sussman) to FusionGPS (private investigators)) to dig dirt about Trump/Russia connection.
CSteele used Igor Danchenko as primary source. IDanchenko Ukrainian born researcher at liberal Brookings Inst. (BInst President Strobe Talbot, long time HClinton ally). ID stressed just 'rumor & speculation', 'not able to confirm any of it'. Said he felt he had to produce something to justify salary.

July 2016 CIA knew HClinton personally approved operation.
Jan 2017 FBI then interviewed IDanchko, who told them information not substantiated at all. Eg. Russian prostitute story included with no corroboration.
Brennan (CIA), Comey (FBI) didn't tell Congress/Trump about the above; allowed story to grow in MSM.
Also, FBI/Comey knew all above background, but used it as pretext for four successive warrants to spy on Trump campaign Carter Page. To get warrants, FBI lied to Foreign Intell Surveillance Court by saying dossier was credible.

John Durham, Special Prosecutor, with Grand Jury, on Russian Collusion hoax, now started producing indictments:
- FBI Lawyer, Kevin Klein-Smith: Pleaded guilty to falsifying documents in order to get wiretap warrants against Carter Page.
- Michael Sussman, Perkins Coie, DNC/HCCampgn Lawyer: Indictment.
MS approached FBI Sept 2016 (already FBI contact for DNC Russian hacking security issues), said DT secret server contact with Russian Alfa Bank. MS knew not true, but wanted plausible suspicion.
Told FBI contact in personal capacity, but time clearly billed to Clinton Campaign.

Mueller Report into Russian interference in US Presidentl election:
Two years, $25 million. Special counsel's office determined that it "did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia."
Conclusion (AG Barr letter summary) -
Russia tried in two ways - First, Russian InternetResearchAss conducted social media & disinformation campaign, but no US person or Trump associate participated.
Second, hacking operations particularly of DNC information, released on Wikileaks to hurt HClinton campaign. But Trump campaign no involvement despite numerous offers from Russians.
Obstruction issue - Mueller set out information and facts but refused to determine on law whether DT committed obstruction justice. AG Barr determined no obstruction justice committed.

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