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Healthy democracy requires views from all sides.  Current mass media has increasingly blocked conservative views, first by disapproval, and more recently by actual censorship.  Conservative-Hub aims to redress the balance, collating links to conservative viewpoints from across the spectrum so citizens have easy access.
We believe the whole range of views should be expressed, subject to legality, and as the readers are adults they can make up their own minds whether they agree or not.  This is the best way of coming to good decisions in a healthy democracy; this in turn guarantees a healthy society.


Conservative News and Views ..
Spectator Magazine - venerable publication that has been running since 1869

Daily Express - the only clearly conservative newspaper in the UK

Telegraph - venerable newspaper that has been running since 1890.  Soft conservative.

Daily Mail - Punchy, tabloid style, energetic investigative reporting

Breitbart London - UK section of the US conservative media outlet founded by Andrew Breitbart in 1998.

talkRADIO - currently the only reliably conservative broadcaster in the UK.  Growing very quickly to fill the huge gap in the market.

Guido Fawkes - Online blog by Paul Staines started to poke fun at politics from a conservative perspective

Conservative Progress - seeks to bridge the gap between parliamentary Conservative Party and grass roots activists

Policy Exchange - Think tank encompassing broad views

Academy of Ideas - Founded by Claire Fox - from left but now free speech champion.  'A public space where ideas can be contested without constraint'

Lotus Eaters - high quality social, political, arts and history content

The New Conservative - online magazine for genuine conservatives, disillusioned by the Conservtv Party
LeaVe.EU - website set up to campaign for leaving the EU run by Aron Banks
Westmonster - website set up in 2017
TRNews - Raportage journalism, started by Tommy Robinson, came out of Rochdale grooming scandal.  Controversial to the mainstream media, but see speech to Oxford Union here and make your own mind up.

Conservative Woman - up to date analysis of trends in contemporary Britain - run by Laura Perrins and Kathy Gyngell

ConservativeHome - 'the home of UK Conservatism'.  Website closely linked to the Conservative Party
Politicalite - Online tabloid founded in 2017 by Jordan Kendall.  Vigorous on-the-ground investigative reporting on subjects shunned by mainstream media.
Spiked - Powerful free speech advocates - from left economically, but socially conservative
Henry Jackson Society - Foreign Policy think tank to champion the liberal democracy country model
OrthodoxConservatiyes (Jan 20-) - Social Conservative Think Tank / Network, especially aiming to engage young generation
The Freedom Association (1975-) - Pro-thatcherite network with a history of targetted campaigns - eg 'Axe the Tax' against the BBC Licence Fee
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Campaigning .. 

Reform UK - formed 2020 by Richard Tice and Nigel Farage out of Brexit Party.  Set to 'take on bloated institutions and vested interests'

Conservative Party - Britain's oldest and most successful, and currently most popular, political party - Formed to fight against UK-wide campaign by Marxist/BLM activists to remove large numbers of British historical statues and monuments

Free Speech Union - Formed in 2020 to support citizens against the clamp down on free speech in the UK

TVLicenceStop - simple instructions to legally stop paying BBC licence, and end BBC strangle-hold on UK news
UK Independence Party - Formed to campaign for UK leaving the EU 
Conservative Progress -  seeks to bridge the gap between parliamentary Conservative Party and grass roots activists
Reclaim Party - "We are all privileged to be the custodians of our shared heritage". Formed 2020 by actor Laurence Fox
The Bad Law Project - Legal campaign to fight political ideology disguised as law, to fight 'discrimination disguised as equality and human rights'
TV / Radio ..    
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Web Search

📻 Intelligent Speech Radio - Guaranteed NON-WOKE programming!  Normality returns!  (Rad)

GBNews - first UK conservative TV channel ever

📻 talkTV- currently the only reliably conservative broadcaster in the UK (Rad)

📺 Trigger-nometry - Comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster host guests with P.C. handcuffs removed (Radio/TV)

📺 Comedy Unleashed - 'The home of free-thinking comedy', started by Andrew Doyle on eve of 2017 election. Some light relief ! (TV)

📺 UnsafeSpace - Cultural commentary hosted by Keri Smith, self-described 'escapee from the SJW cult' (TV)

📺 The Equiano Project - Founded 2020
by Inayin Iman, promoting a new narrative on race, culture and politics, based on freedom, universalism and self responsibility

📻 James and Laura's Chinwag - James Delingpole and Laura Perrins shoot the breeze about issues of the day
UK Other Media ...
British Broadcasting Corporation - oldest 'public service broadcaster' founded in 1922, is now world's largest broadcaster with 35,000+ staff. Maintained by tax enforced by criminal courts, and dominates and stifles political debate in the UK
The Guardian 'Newspaper' - founded 1821 as 'Manchester Guardian', funded since 1936 by the 'Scott Trust'.  Made losses for 20 years, until last year.  Increasingly saturated by identitarianism.
Sky TV - from News International stable, seen as conservative broadcaster previously, but now presenters fully aligned with mass media 'liberal' groupthink.
📺 New Culture Forum - simply the most incisive UK analysis available. Many episodes, with the best speakers (TV)
📻 Spectator Radio - Coffee House Shots, Americano, Chinese Whispers, and various other podcasts (Pod)
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